Saturday, September 26, 2015

For My Dear Friend!!!

This Poem is for my dear friend Chandler, Love you sweetie!! And also for all you mothers who have a little one who went home to be with Jesus. May this poem bless your hearts!! May you lean on the good Lord, and he will carry you through.
The Mother's Jewels
I have a little darling
That sleepeth near my heart,
Whose beauty and whose sweetness
Ten thousand joys impart.
Love smileth  on her features,
And warbleth on her tongue,
And guideth all her actions,
So innocent and young.
A joyous little creature,
All full of mirth and glee;
Now dancing on my knee,
More precious far than rubies,
Or diadems of gold,
Is she, my little darling,
Who's scarcely one year old.

I have a little daughter,
Whose face is very fair,
With eyes of heaven's azure,
And soft and silky hair.
Her tiny, dimpled fingers
Are ever at their play,
While her unceasing prattle
Doth mimic all I say.
She saith her little prayers
Low bowing on my breast;
And giveth all a sweet good-night
Ere she repairs to rest.
O grant, my blessed Savior,
That her young heart and mind,
In childhood's tender hours,
Be heavenward inclinded!
I have another jewel,
 The brightest of the three
A precious hidden treasure,
Which now I cannot see.
Far, far away in heaven

This lovely gem doth shine;
And though I cannot see him,
I know he yet is mine.
And when life's woes are ended,
And all my toil is done,
Again I shall embrace him,
My own, my cherub son.
How oft our sore bereftments
Are blessings in disguise!
God has prepared a mansion
For us above the skies."
And thus to bring us to him,
In his unbounded love,
Untwines the spirit's tendrils here,
And fastens them above.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Took a little trip with my Honey!!!

We went on a wonderful weekend trip, way back in July!!!! We left Early in the morning on July 3. Tracy and I went up to Cincinnati Ohio to check into our hotel room. We took in our luggage and then left to drive on up to Columbus Ohio to do some street preaching at Red, White, and Boom. We got to Columbus around 12:00, it was packed! Tracy preached on and off until 6:30,and I passed out lots of gospel tracks. Then we started walking back toward the parking lot to head home. We stopped half way there so I could preach for a few minutes. I did OK but I will do better next time. I'm very new to street preaching. This was only my 3rd time. I might add a video. Then we went back to hotel room. Then we got up early the next morning so we could get breakfast and make it to the Creation Museum close to when they first opened. We stayed until closing and since we weren't able to see everything in one day, and also because our tickets included a second day, we decided to come back the next day also. It was so so much fun!!! I highly recommend it to everyone!!! If you have children or not!! So here are pictures and a video or two! Hope you enjoy the tour.

 Tracy and I before we walked into the Museum. This is the first day. 

As you first come into the Museum they have a part talking about and showing the different kind of dragons all over the world. Love this Chinese one.  

They had a room called the Stargazers Room. It was wonderful!!! I highly recommend that you pay the extra money to see it!!!

Everywhere we went there was something to look at!! Such fun! This was just above the door going into the bookstore. He was moving and squawking at everyone that walked by.

When you first walk in you see this Mastodon skeleton It was very interesting to see!

This is still the entrance just before you get in line to go though it all.

As you are waiting in line to go though the museum there is so much to see and take in. Like this dinosaur above our heads moving back a forth eating.

This is Isaiah and Moses! Isaiah has the scroll in is hands. 

And this is of course King David.

Cain killing Able!

And this is  Methuselah. The oldest living man in the Bible!

Noah's wife and one of his daughter-in-laws

Noah talked and moved, and was hooked up to a screen so you could ask him questions. It was very cool!

My funny honey!! hahaha


  My husband Tracy taking it all in.

Me of course, haha. There was lots of gardens and floating and swinging bridges to walk across. 

This is a funny video my honey did!! If you listen close you can here me laughing in the back ground. My husband can be so funny sometimes!!

Here is another bridge among the gardens.

This is their marsh garden it was Beautiful!! And very interesting!!

More of the gardens


Me on the second day!!

I liked this statue.

Me and my honey enjoying the day.

They also has several acres of  Zip Lines there also. It looked like fun. Maybe next time we go I will give it a try. 

There was some really good restaurants around our hotel. We ended up eating at Famous Dave's it is a BBQ restaurant with ribs, steaks, and chicken. It was so so Good!!! 

I loved the look of the place, all country, and old fashioned!  

The whole place had a very southern country feel.

This was my plate. We had shared a large sample platter that came to use on a unused CLEAN trash can lid!!! hahaha We thought it was fun eating off it. At least they said it was a clean lid haha.

Hope you all enjoyed me taking you along with us. We had a really good time.
May the Good Lord Bless you all!!!