Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Visit

Just a quick post of some pictures of my daughter and her fiance. He is staying with us for a little while. He has moved here from Virginia about a month ago now. I have been meaning to write this post up for about as long. But things are really busy around here lately. He has found a job and settling in very nicely. For the first few week we had took him on a tour of the Valley here. So here are a few pictures of my daughter and him, and our visiting around. Hope you enjoy them.

here is Megan and Levi at a cemetery down in Martins Ferry Ohio. This cemetery is call Walnut Grove. My 6Th Great Grandfather and mother are buried her. Their names were Ebenezer and Elisabeth Zane. Ebenezer is the founder of Wheeling WV. He came to Wheeling in the year 1770. We wanted to show him alittle about our history.

Here is just a picture of the old stones in the cemetery. I don't know why I love old cemeterys. I think that they are very peaceful, and the headstones are interesting to read too.

Here is a Marker that tell all about the history of the area and the cemetery.

And here is the other side of the marker.

Here is a head stone of a young lady who died young. I liked that poem that they put on the stone.

Here is the poem that was on the stone. click on it and you might be able to read it too.
This is my 6Th Great Grandma. She died in 1814. I love what they wrote on her stone. Elizabeth Zane who died in January 1814 in the 66Th year of her age. Her life was spent in the constant exercise of domestic and christian virtue. I love that.

Here is a picture of Wheeling's Center Market. It was given to the city by my family along long long long time ago. Inside are restaurants and stores. And the two roads running along both sides of it are full of used book stores and antique shoppes. Great place to visit.

Here is a picture of the inside of one of the antique shops. I found and bought a really old cast iron pot in this store. I only payed $12 for it. It's from the 1860's or maybe even alittle earlier. I was a happy camper that day.

Then we headed to Cabela's. It is very neat inside.

This is Oglebay Mansion. We went there next. We didn't get a chance to go in, but we will be back some other time.
Here is Megs and Levi in the gardens at Oglebay park in Wheeling. It is so beautiful there.

Here are some of the flower that where blooming while we where there. I didn't know tulips came in purple.

Here is Megan in front of the fountain up at Oglebay by the mansion.

This picture is not of our trip, but of Megs walking on our back road across the street from us. I just really liked it. With the rolling hills in the background. God bless



  1. Thanks for sharing! You have some beautiful pictures and wonderful family history. I especially love the last picture. It speaks volumes.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I used to read your blog on Xanga, so it's nice to have found you again! Beautiful pictures of Megan and her fiance - when is their wedding date?

  3. Thanks Kathryn, I love the last picture the most too.

  4. Hello Kristen, I'm glad you found me. You are welcome to come by for a visit any time. I think I might quit over at xanga. I never thought I would every say that, but there is hardly anyone over there now. It seems like almost everyone is on facebook these days.Or have just quit blogging all together. But I will be still posting over here so you can still read my post.

  5. do you have wedding pics ?? Verna

  6. Yes I do Verna. Would you like to see them?
    Maybe I will add a post with them.

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