Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear daughter Megan. You are 22 today. You were born on a cold and over cast day in a hospital in WV, at 7:58 in the evening. And now you are married and about ready to have a baby of your own. You are a jewel in my crown, my blessing from God. I hope God blesses your day daughter. I love you with all my heart!!!


  1. Happy Birthday MOM!

    My mother always wishes me happy birthday on my children's birthdays. She says it is just as much mine as it is theirs.

    I hope you both have a wonderful day and you remembering those times of raising your daughter.


  2. Happy 22nd Birthday to Megan! I was 22, 6 years ago and now I'm 28. I hope she had a blessed day!

    Amy @ Pine Pod Farm

  3. Thanks, Mom! =)

    It seems strange to think that I'm this old already, didn't I just turn 18? haha. But the stranger part is you were 22 when you gave birth to me and I'll be 22 when I give birth to my first baby!

    I appreciate you parting with the C&I prints to give to me for my birthday present ;) =) haha, and I liked the card! =)

  4. Wishing you a very Blessed and Happy Birthday to you Megan!