Thursday, February 19, 2015

My life is so different then the way it was before!! Being married to a Street Preacher and putting all my life in the hands of God is so WONDERFUL!!! God is so good to me!! I now live in Kentucky!! Since I have been Married to Tracy, I have gone so many  places preaching  and sharing the Gospel of Christ!!! I have been to Salt lake Utah, to preach and share with the Mormons, and to about 4 different collage campuses, handing out gospel tracks, and witnessing to the lost sinners. I've been to Dublin Ireland, to preach to the lost!! God is so so good to me!! Here are a few pictures.
This is me and my husband on a bus in Ireland, We were on our way to Galway that day to see the Cliffs of Moher. Great Memory's!!

He passing out tracks in the streets of Dublin. On a rainy October day!

This is a street vender selling flowers. There was lots and lots of flower and many other street venders all over Dublin.

 This is Brother Kerrigan holding a sign at a open air mall in Dublin. He , Brother Joshua, and Tracy and I all went to Dublin Ireland this Oct to preach the Gospel, pass out tracks and to witness to as many would listen. These two brother also go to my Fellowship.

This is me in Galway having a rest.

 This is my and Tracy at Cork Collage University, We went there to preach weren't able to, so we just took lots of pictures and enjoyed the day. 

Here is some beautiful flowers on the campus of CCU 

And a Beautiful stone doorway, also on the campus of CCU.

 Here is on of Tracy Street Preaching in Temple Bar Dublin. We had met a local man that said he believed like us and wanted to help us pass out gospel tracks. That is him in the red. 

 Here is one of Brother Kerrigan Preaching in Dublin.

 And here is Brother Joshua Preaching in Dublin.

Here is a street vender selling strawberries, and grapes. I found it very interesting how they use baby carriages to hold there wares. There was a lot of them that carried there wares like this. Very interesting. 

 Here is a shoot of the tall tall pole that they call the spire that was on 
O'Connell street Dublin

This was outside a store in Galway. I thought it was very interesting

 This is bangers and mash, that I ate in a small restaurant in Cork. I have heard of Bangers and Mash a long time ago, But never really knew what it was until I got to eat the real thing until Cork that day. LOVED THEM!!! It was SO SO GOOD!!! Have to learn how to make them here at home someday!!!! 

 Here is a statue that we saw one day on our way over to start preaching. I thought it would make a neat pictures to put the stop sinning sign in front of the!! I Like it!!

 Here we are on our way to Salt lake Utah, to preach to the Mormons. We stopped to get a selfie with the red and orange cliffs We were just outside Salt Lake.

 this is me coming back down the hill that we climbed to get the selfie.

 This is Tracy being silly with a tire man that we saw on our way to Salt Lake.

This is the Moron Temple that is Salt Lake Utah. If you look close you can see the gold statue of the demon angle Moroni on top of the Temple.

Here is another on of the Temple with some Mormon in it also.

We were on our way back home. This obviously was taken in Green River Wyoming. I loved how the red tower was in the background of the sign.

Another picture of a stone tower near Green River Wyoming.

Some snow covered mountains somewhere along the way back home. 

This is Tray preaching on a college campus in Kentucky somewhere.

Some more pictures taken on a college campus in Kentucky. That is my back. I was video taping Tracy.

And one more picture of my husband Campus Preaching.

Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my life. May the Good lord bless you as you seek him.     


  1. You are so right. God is so so good to you...and us all!! Praise His name!!! I love that you are able to go out and preach the gospel to all with your husband by your side...and you are such a beautiful picture of a Godly, submissive woman, who truly seeks the Lord's will above all else. Praising Jesus for you, my dear sister!!! You bless me so!!!

  2. What interesting experiences! I enjoyed reading about it.

    1. Thank you Abbi!! I enjoy doing it all for Jesus!! Thanks for coming by my blog!!! God Bless!!