Friday, October 16, 2015

The Happiest Home

I found this lovely and heart warming poem in one of my old books called  Golden Thoughts Of Mother, Home, Heaven.  I thought you all might like to read it, I pray you all are blessed by it.

The Happiest Home

Where is the happiest home on earth?
Tis not mid scenes of noisy mirth;
But where God's favor, sought aright,
Fill every breast with joy and light.

The richest home? It is not found
Where wealth and splendor most abound;
But wheresoe'er, in hall or cot,
Men live contented with their lot.

The fairest home? It is not placed
In scenes with outward beauty graced;
But where kind words and smiles impart
A constant sunshine to the heart.

On such a home of peace and love
God showers his blessing from above;
And angels, watching o'er it, cry,
"Lo! this is like our home on high!"

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  1. lovely thank you for sharing this.

  2. I enjoyed reading this poem, thanks for sharing it! :)

  3. Such lovely words and so true! Love the beautiful illustrations! Wishing you a blessed Sunday. xo Karen

  4. Kelly, this is beautiful as well as the prints! I must look up the author. Have a wonderful afternoon. ♥

  5. That is a lovely poem!! If only we could always remember this and share this with others.

  6. Have enjoyed looking around. You have a lovely blog. It has taken me awhile to get myself signed in and then to "share a thought" is new to me. Little things can stump me sometimes. Oh I really liked the post on old cookbooks. I have made a few vintage recipes, including Mrs. Lincoln's favorite cake. That one was a big disappointment, though baking it satisfied my curiosity.

  7. Oh my! I crawled into everyone of those pictures!!

    And thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem. :-)

  8. Love that poem, thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. So glad to visit your pretty blog! I love the poem and the pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Beautiful poem and images! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. How neat that you own this book! I read that Almanzo had gifted this title to Laura Ingalls! I have had a chance to thumb through it and would love to have this collection as well :) Thank you for sharing this inspiring poem on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!