Friday, April 10, 2015

A Godly Wedding!! What a Blessing!!

What A Beautiful Day For A Godly Wedding!!!

What a Blessing to be able to go to this wedding. The young lady and the young man  both go to our Fellowship. It was such a blessing to see this young couple go through their Godly Courtship . They had kept themselves pure until their Wedding Day!!!  The first time they touched was on their wedding day. Their first touch, their first hug, and their first kiss was all on their wedding day!! What a blessing the watch!!! Thought I would share a few pictures. Hope they bless you also!

There was a few ladies that dressed in period dress. Sarah here was one of them!! She looks so elegant!! I also dressed in my 18th century jacket and petticoats!! There was also two young ladies dressed in 1950's dress also!! It made it fun seeing them dressed like that also, and not just me, being the silly one! hahaha

Here is my new dear friend and Sister in the Lord!! Her name is Sandy. We have been friends on Facebook for sometime now, but at this wedding was the first time we had ever met in person. All I will say is we became instant friends, just started talking to each other like we had been friends for years!! She is  having her picture taken with her dear son-in-law Jude. It was such a beautiful day that Lord blessed us with!!!

These three lovely young ladies are the Sisters of the Bride.  There is one other Sister and 2 brothers missing from this picture,  These young ladies aren't just Sisters in Christ to me, but are like my nieces that I have never had. They are very dear to me!! There family hosted me when I first came to this fellowship to be courted by my dear Husband. I became very close to the whole family.

Here is one of the Brothers of the Bride. He is Godly young man.

Our fellowship hall all prepared for the wedding!!

Another picture of the hall. All the flowers on the counter are for the tables that will be set up after the wedding ceremony. Everything just looked so beautiful!!! 

Faithy and Eli waiting to do their parts as flower girl and ring bearer. Don't they look sweet?!!

This is the Groom waiting on his Beautiful Bride! That is Brother Kerrigan behid the stand getting ready to preform the ceremony. Every exciting!! Sorry for the glare on the picture, the sun was shining in the window. 

Faith doing her part as flower girl!! Oh by the way the Faith is the sister to the Groom.

And here is Eli doing a good job a ring bearer!

And finally here comes the Beautiful Bride!! 

I have no words!!! Well maybe just one!! Beautiful!!!

LOVE this picture!!!! The young ladies love holding the babies!! Godly mothers in training! I love the dress and hat that the one young ladies has on! So feminine and elegant!! All the young ladies look modest and godly.  

Some more godly young ladies!!

More Godly young ladies!!

I thought this table was so so beautiful and elegant! It held the cupcakes. They didn't have a wedding cake, but wedding cupcakes.

This little guy is the cutest thing!!! His name is Shamus such a good baby!!!! Look at those chubby cheeks, so squeezable!!! 

The Bride and Groom getting their food first. The beautiful lady in the red is the mother of the Bride!!

The receptions tables.

This is a picture of me and my honey!! A DEAR friend let me to put it on my blog!!! Thank you Chandler

The Bride saying good by to her sisters and brothers!!! So SWEET!

And more goodbyes!!!

Hope you were blessed by this post!!! God bless,



  1. Very nice! It almost made me feel like I was there :) -- Jackie Ladomato

  2. Thank you for posting ! I really enjoyed sharing in their joy and I am sure the joy of the Lord !

  3. I so enjoyed meeting you and all the other ladies from your fellowship. Oh what a joy heaven will be!! We won't have to leave after a short visit!

  4. Hello. How beautiful, simple and nice! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thank you so sharing. May God bless you, your husband and Fellowship family! Kinuko

    1. Thank you Kinuko, May God bless your day! Please come back and visit me again. I'm so glad that you enjoyed all the pictures!!

  5. It's....It' beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  7. I really do enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing. It is so refreshing to see young people following a Godly life.