Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Godly Courtship

            God is so GOOD!!

This was taken while we were courting. As you can see we were as close as we could get without touching! hahaha!
Please excuse the date on this picture, it is wrong. My crazy camera fault.  :o)  

 This post is for all my friends on Facebooks hope it blesses you all!!        I guess I should start my story back before Tracy had asked me to court. After my divorce in 2011 I had made up my mind that I was not going to get married again unless God sent me a Godly man. And I was never sure I was even going to get married again. I was willing to be single for the rest of my life if that was what God wanted me to do. But God was truly kind to me and blessed me with a Godly man.
 In Oct of 2013 I had asked Tracy Bays a question about the KJV bible on Facebook. I had no ulterior motive behind the question, just really felt he would know the answer and he did. But before he answered my question he had told me that I really should have asked my spiritual head, my pastor, or just someone who was over me. After that one conversation we never talked to each other again on Facebook, or by any other means, until Dec 9th that same year 2013. I was very surprised to see a message on Facebook waiting for me that morning around 7am. When I opened it I saw just 3 sentences, I was surprised. It read something like this. 
     Sister Kelly, the Lord has but it on my heart to ask you to court. What do you think. Please pray about it, thank you. Tracy. 
     I was very blown away by this, caught way off guard!!! That was the last thing I ever had expected that morning!!! God is so so GOOD!! I got down on my hands and knees and thanked God with all my heart!! I answered him by thanking him for his interest in me and that I needed to pray about it. The funny thing is one of the reasons I was surprised by his message to me was how short it was. Because when I had asked him about the King James bible he had answered me with a very long message, explaining in detail everything about the KJV. So I was so so caught off guard by how short it was! I even thought for a  moment maybe someone else might have gotten on facebook in his name and was playing a trick on me, hahaha!!!! Well I prayed about it and God had given me reassurance and peace that he had his hand in this, and wanted us to marry. So I messaged Tracy and told him I would accept his request to court. He was so happy! Our courtship was well supervised  and was completely hands off!! Tracy and I messaged each other on facebook  which also included Brother Kerrigan Skelly, so he could read all our conversations. So there could not be any appearance of evil.  When Tracy had asked to court me, I was living in Ohio, taking care of my mother, who had pancreatic cancer. He asked me to come to Kentucky to visit, but I was not able to at that time. But a week or so later some things had changed and I was able to come down. I stayed with one of the families in the Fellowship. Then once I was down here I told Tracy that I would marry him. Then we were able to see each other on Sundays and when the family that I was staying with would invite him over for dinner, which was when ever he wasn't working. And since we both knew that God had put us together we decided to waist no time, and set a date for Jan 14th. So from the time I came down to meet him and when we were married was one month.  At our wedding it was the first time we had touched when he took my hand, it was also the first time we hugged, and kissed, all on our wedding day. It made our Wedding so so special. If you would like to see my wedding video, here it is.   Lilac Cottage Homemaker: Our Holy Wedding Day    So that is our courtship story. I pray that it blessed you!! 


Love this picture of Brother Kerrigan praying over us!!

This one is my most favorite on of all!! I love how happy we both look!! 


  1. Wonderful! May you two be blessed with a long marriage.

    1. Thank you Jane! May the good Lord bless you and yours!


  2. what a lovely story of Gods grace and purpose for your lives! An endearing courtship, one that is similar to my own. We are devout Christians, and as such we also were celibate until our marriage. Must confess that we did hold hands and we would kiss good bye... We were married after three years of dating,and we were 19 and 20 yrs old. We have been married almost 22yrs. God has been so faithful to us!!

  3. I came over from Jane's blog. I am impressed! And touched. I love your community and as God meant us to live! I also love your country-side. Andrea

  4. Hello. Thank you for your visit! I am so happy for your blessed and precious marriage to a godly man! May you be filled to overflowing. Your fellowship and community is so refreshing! I loved the photo of all the cast iron pans! Thank you for living for His Glory...

  5. Oh ma'am what a beautiful beautiful love story! What joy it brought my heart to read it!! Do you still blog?