Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lovely Evening In

It's a lovely evening in, all my house work is done, and my husband is at work. Time to settle down for a nice warm cup of tea, some old cookbooks (I'm working on a new post), and a old episode of Cranford.

Sorry for the glare on the screen. Oh how I love the series called Cranford!! It is set in the 1840's, very sweet!

The teacup was gift from my daughter. It reminds me of her when I use it. Some of my cookbooks are as old as 1843. When ever I read them it is like stepping back in time to me. Oh but I shouldn't say to much, because I will be talking about that soon in a new post.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my evening. May the good Lord bless you 


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  1. looks like a very cozy evening at home. Old cook books, hot tea, good show to watch, and blogging !

  2. That looks so cozy! I hope you will share some of those old recipes. I love antique cookbooks.

  3. your home looks very cosy!! i love old cookbooks.
    beautiful blog.
    have a nice weekend,

  4. I love Cranford as well...and old cookbooks. I donated most of mine when I moved but at one point I had quite a collection of them.

  5. A wonderful way to spend a cozy evening in. Pretty tea cup! Visiting from SYC. Angels to you.

  6. Beautiful teacup for a cozy evening! I love old cook books. They contain some of the best recipes! I have my mothers. It is torn, worn, and tattered; but I love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Hello Kelly,
    I have never heard of Cranford and it surely sounds like something I would greatly enjoy. Loved the Little House series so I'm sure this would be enjoyable as well. Your teacup is very pretty. I love teacups that remind us of someone or a special occasion. I have my Granny's recipe book which she started in school as a young girl. It is in very poor condition but it is very dear to me and many of her recipes I can still make out and indeed, I have made some of them. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a splendid day.

    Autumn blessings,

  8. I love old cookbooks and new ones as well - have lots of tea books. That is a pretty cup and saucer. I like Cranford but am always sad when the lady dies in childbirth. Loved your Keepers of the Home scripture.